Gary in action As well as the residencies mentioned above, I also do "mobile discos" catering for all kinds of events - from Corporate conferences to kids parties, weddings to 80th birthday parties. As they say, variety is the spice of life.

Current corporate clients include TK Maxx, The International Convention Centre Birmingham, Lex Autolease, TGI Fridays, and many others. I can easily adapt to conference environments as well as doing just out & out parties! Someone recently described my show as "like having a nightclub at their wedding". This doesn't mean I was very loud and drinks were overpriced, instead they appreciated the way they got a very broad range of music tailored to the crowd, that was mixed seamlessly, as opposed to the usual "Wham, Abba, Motown" combination (although I do play those as well ha ha).

As for my club/bar work, it really is a case of "Anything Goes" as long as it gets the floors busy. Expect to hear Classic Dance Tunes, the latest upfront floor fillers, Old skool Hip Hop, and everything inbetween - with all the music videos on the screen. Also, don't be surprised to see bits of Anchorman, Fraggle Rock, Rastamouse, and many, many other things mashed in!

I can also do Karaoke, and as previously mentioned I do kids parties featuring party games, snow machines, and general madness - all ably assisted by my good friend Hollie.

Finally, as the music industry doesn't seem to want to advance as quick as a lot of VJ/DJ's are, I do spend a lot of time producing and editing my own video remixes/megamixes which can be found in the video section of this site. I also do standard audio mixes which were featured regularly on my radio show. Oh,didn't I mention I do radio as well? I'm a one man entertainment machine! Unfortunately, my show is off air at the moment due to time constraints but it may be back soon, watch this space!

If you have an event and want something unique, I'm your man. Head on over to the contact page if you want a quote for hiring me.